Bath screens

A bath screen is a glass water deflector which is designed specifically for showering over a bath. The range of products available include single panel hinged bath screens, four panel or four fold bath screens and fixed and folding bath screens. Many practical and attractive designs are available and some feature towel rails or robe hooks fitted into the glass panels.

The market for bath screens is almost as extensive as it is for shower doors and shower enclosures with most manufactures offering at least one type bath screen.  A glass bath shower screen will offer greater protection from water leaks and look better than a simple shower curtain.  The majority of bath screens should, like shower curtains, be considered as a deflector of water rather than a watertight screen.  There are, however many bath screens available which offer a greater level of protection and are suitable for use with a power shower or pumped water system.  A simple, if slightly crude, rule of thumb is the more moving parts or panels a screen has the less water resistance it will offer.

Bath screens are generally better at retaining water because they are attached directly to the wall next to the shower head with a wall channel which is screwed into place and silicone sealed. A rubber seal at the base of the glass helps to repel water that builds up on the flat upper surface of the bath.  The most successful designs of bath screen combine the features of a bath screen and a fixed bath guard. 

The first section of glass fixed to the wall is rigid and does not move and to this is hinged a further glass screen which can be folded back for access to the bath and taps.  The benefit of this design is that the fixed section of glass is silicone sealed to the wall and bath and this arrangement creates a water tight barrier in the area most susceptible to leaks while allowing the convenience of the folding screen for access.




Simple single panel folding bath screens start at around £150 and can cost as much as £600 for a 10mm bespoke frameless bath screen. Four panel folding baths screens may be purchased for between £100 and £300 depending upon the make and number of panels. Fixed and folding bath screens are available in twin and triple formats and range in price from around £275 to more than £500.  Most bath screens can be fitted by anyone with reasonable DIY skills, but if being fitted professionally budget for £100 to £150 depending upon the type of bath screen.

  • Simple – an elegant way to create a shower enclosure over a bath.
  • Water resistance – bath screens offer better water retention than a shower curtain.
  • Cost – a cost effective solution to creating a shower enclosure when space is at a premium.
  • Versatile – many designs and layouts available to suite individual requirements and available space.

  • Power showers – some bath screens are not suitable for power showers or pumped systems.