Bespoke shower enclosures & shower trays

“Bespoke” shower enclosures, which are made-to-measure and manufactured to the customer’s specification, are typically required where limited space or design preclude the use of a standard production enclosure.  Height restrictions, variations in width or non-standard angles associated with loft conversions are common factors in determining the use of a bespoke unit.  Many mainstream shower brands and smaller specialist companies offer bespoke manufacturing services.

The growing demand for bespoke shower enclosures has in turn created a market for made to measure shower trays. Traditional production methods and materials prevent volume shower tray manufacturers from offering bespoke products to consumers, however, a number of specialist companies cater for this demand by producing made to measure shower trays from solid surface materials such as Hi-Macs or Corian.

Bespoke shower enclosures and made to measure shower trays are discussed in greater detail in the following links.