Bifold shower doors

The term bifold shower door is used to describe a shower door comprising of an outer frame with two inner opening panels which are connected by a centre hinge. When opened the pair of doors fold inwards and slide to one side via the central hinge and wheels attached to the top and bottom of the leading panel. Bifold doors are designed as space saving shower doors suitable for small bathrooms where space would not normally allow a hinged or pivoting shower door to open out into the room.

Bifold shower doors are generally robust although the wheels and centre hinges can wear or fail if the door is not installed correctly. The wheels run within tracks at the top and bottom of the outer frame facing in to the shower.

Regular cleaning of the wheel tracks and periodical lubrication with silicone grease will help to ensure the smooth operation of the shower door.

Popular Sizes

Bifold doors range in height from 1830mm to 1950mm for standard products and are generally available in the following sizes to suit shower trays of equal widths. Additional infill panels are commonly available for installation across larger shower trays.

700mm Bifold shower door
760mm Bifold shower door
800mm Bifold shower door
900mm Bifold shower door
1000mm Bifold shower door