Over bath shower enclosures

The term over bath shower enclosure is used to describe any shower door, which is designed to sit on top of the bath to create a fully enclosed shower.  Most incorporate sliding doors with a fixed glass panel at one end and have an aluminium frame.  An over bath shower enclosure will offer greater protection from water leaks if used with a power shower or a pumped system.

While this type of enclosure is very good for creating a large shower in an otherwise small space, they can be awkward to get in and out of and using solely as a bath will necessitate sitting inside the enclosure.  Available layouts offer a degree of flexibility due to the fully framed nature of these products.  Over bath shower enclosures can often be fitted with an end panel for a corner bath or even two end panels if the bath is situated against only one wall.

Over bath shower enclosures are installed in a similar way to a shower enclosure with wall channels screwed to the walls at either end of the bath and then the shower enclosure is sealed to the tiles and rim of the bath with sanitary silicone sealant.



Over bath shower enclosures cost from around £450 to over £1000 for designs using thicker 8mm glass and if end panels are required. The cost of installation should be comparable with the cost for fitting a standard sliding shower enclosure to a shower tray.

  • Size – over bath shower enclosures offer the largest useable amount of space within the bath.
  • Water retention – the most water proof solution for a shower enclosure over a bath.

  • Bulky – quite large enclosures which can appear heavy and bulky.
  • Access – accessing the bath can be difficult because entry to the bath is gained by climbing through the door of the enclosure.
  • Expensive – with many very good bath screens available this is an expensive option offering little benefit over a good fixed and folding bath screen.
  • Claustrophobic – sitting in the bath may feel claustrophobic when surrounded by an over bath shower enclosure.