Pivot shower doors

Pivot shower doors comprise of an aluminium outer frame and inner framed door that opens outwards via two pivot points situated at the top and bottom between the door and outer frame, approximately 100mm in from one side. When opened the rear portion of the door swings into the shower and the larger portion swings outwards.

Pivot shower doors are simple and generally robust containing few moving parts susceptible to wear or requiring maintenance. A pivot shower door is normally considered a budget shower door and the glass, typically 4mm in thickness, is almost always surrounded by a frame.

Popular Sizes

Pivot doors range in height from 1830mm to 1950mm for standard products and are generally available in the following sizes to suit shower trays of equal widths. Additional infill panels are commonly available to facilitate installation across larger shower trays.

700mm Pivot shower door
760mm Pivot shower door
800mm Pivot shower door
900mm Pivot shower door
1000mm Pivot shower door