Shower problems

Essentially shower enclosures are simple structures constructed using durable materials such as toughened safety glass and aluminium. Constant development by manufacturers, the first shower doors appeared more than 30 years ago, provides consumers with a wide variety of high quality products. Inferior products do exist, however, quality issues associated with recognised brands are usually minor and fairly rare. The great majority of shower enclosure problems can be attributed to the installation process.

Most shower enclosures manufactured by recognised shower brands carry extensive warranties and are supported by customer service departments. The guarantee will usually cover manufacturing defects and most components excluding seals which are not normally included. Quality issues or missing parts should be reported to the manufacturer immediately. Check the product thoroughly when delivered, if a problem is suspected do not install it unless the manufacturer instructs you to do so.

Although the manufacturer is obliged to care for the product under the terms of the guarantee customers are equally obligated to report issues as soon as possible therefore providing the manufacturer with adequate opportunity to resolve the problem. The contact details for technical help and assistance are available from the manufacturer’s web site and should also be printed in the installation instructions. Failure to report suspected issues early may invalidate the product guarantee, the delay viewed as a reasonable acceptance of quality.

Unsurprisingly the most common issues related to shower enclosures are water leaks, however, many leaks are simple and inexpensive to fix once the cause has been identified. In many instances the cause of water leaks and other problems affecting shower enclosures can be attributed to the process of installing the shower enclosure. Time spent reading and understanding the fitting instructions, specifically information regarding requirements for installation and applying silicone sealant, is rarely time wasted.

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