Sliding shower doors

Sliding shower doors are intended for installation in spaces of 1000mm in width or greater and most follow the format of a fixed panel of glass and a sliding door contained within an outer frame, although semi-frameless designs are now readily available. Slidng shower doors are not suitable for gaps or shower trays smaller than 1000mm because the entrance is only half of the overall width; below 1000mm in width of the entrance becomes too small and a bifold shower door with an infill or inline panel should be considered as an alternative solution.

Sliding shower doors are generally robust, space saving and easy to install although periodical cleaning and lubrication of the wheels, rollers and tracks may be required. Semi-frameless sliding shower doors are suitable for alcove or corner situations and framed sliding shower enclosures may be combined with two return or side panels facilitating installation against one wall if corner positioning is not viable.

Popular Sizes

Pivot doors range in height from 1830mm to 1950mm for standard products and are generally available in the following sizes to suit shower trays of equal widths.

1000mm Sliding shower door
1100mm Sliding shower door
1200mm Sliding shower door
1400mm Sliding shower door
1600mm Sliding shower door