Walk-in shower enclosures

The term walk-in shower enclosure or wet room screen is used to describe single or multiple fixed glass screens arranged to form a shower enclosure without a door of any kind. Access to the shower is gained through the open end or between panels.

Walk-in shower enclosures are commonly associated with wet rooms, although many of the recognised shower brands offer walk-in shower enclosures which are designed to be used in conjunction with specific rectangular or offset quadrant shower trays.

Walk-in shower screens are typically semi-frameless or frameless and should be considered deflectors of water rather than a water proof shower enclosure as some degree of airborne moisture will often escape into the room as can water reflected from the body and floor. The layout of a walk-in shower enclosure should be carefully considered for this reason.

Panel sizes

Walk-in shower screens are usually 1950mm or 2000mm in height for standard products and are available in sizes ranging from 300mm in width to 1200mm